Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My father's photography on 'Feature Shoot'

There's a pretty amusing blog post about my father, Liam Sharp, on 'FeatureShoot.com'. They interviewed him about a series of drag queen portraits he took in Toronto.


  1. I'm strangely amused by the phrase "Canadians are so literal." Although maybe it's true? Now I'm curious. Are we more or less literal than Americans? Because my American mother always blamed her literal-minedness on growing up in Jersey or something. Or maybe it was growing up on a farm? Who knows. I wonder if there is some kind of link with geography. This is starting to sound like the kind of thing that's only plausible because it makes for an interesting metaphor....Hmmm...

    Speaking of literal/metaphorish drag performers, I haven't forgotten about sending you my play! I'm just in the midst of some editing. It should arrive in your inbox within the next couple of days.

    I hope Toronto Summer 2009 is continuing to be relatively smogless!

    More Life,

  2. The weather has been weird in the last couple days; it rains one hour, heats up the next, then rains again.

    Thanks for commenting! I hardly get any on this silly thing; Torontonians just too cool or something... ;-)

    Look forward to the play!