Friday, January 15, 2010

Toronto landmark Honest Ed's goes up in flames

Well this is one way to start a new decade on the blog; with a bang.

I was walking my friend Daniel home from a bar yesterday at just past 1 AM when we happened upon fire trucks and caution tape circling discount palace Honest Ed's (Bathurst and Bloor). I happened to have had my camera with me (I don't take it everywhere; it's pretty heavy) and my blogTO business card, and that was enough to get us close to the smoldering remnants of the just distinguished fire. It sounds as if it's a crisis averted, which is good news; it was mainly old TV's and the Christian knick-knack section went up in flames in the end.

My lead photo was used in a blogTO post about the flames this morning. Click on the images for larger versions.


  1. we cannot lose honest ed's

  2. Robin, this pictures are mind-blowingly fantastic! good timing. I mean, it sucks that Honest Ed's went up in flames and all, but the three fire fighters standing there in awe is beautifully sad, in the best way. Congrats on the shots again!