Saturday, April 24, 2010

There's a New Rep Cinema Opening in Toronto!

The Toronto Underground Cinema (or the TUC for short) is a new rep cinema that's opening up in May in the Chinatown/Queen Street area of Toronto (186 Spadina Avenue). It's the site of the former 'Golden Classics' theatre, which was closed in 1994. The space has been sitting there empty for about sixteen years.

There have been a number of media stories about it this past week and I've been following them carefully; the new managers of the theatre are friends and old colleagues of mine.

Alex Woodside and Nigel Agnew, two of the three fellows running the new rep palace, were managers at the Bloor with me. We collaborated on three short films there the spring of 2006, titled 'The Popcorn Trilogy'. Alex was the producer and Nigel starred as a cinema manager named Nigel (eerie.)

If the new cinema is run anything like the fictional 'Bloor' was run in our trilogy, I think you should get in line at the door and submit your applications to work there immediately. With Nigel in charge, sexy & exciting things happen (watch for yourself...)

Photos courtesy of Alex Woodside